Team Self Care 2019!

Get on the Team! Be part of a dedicated self care team – Team Self Care 2019 – and make 2019 the year you nail down your self care. This year-long learning opportunity is online – join us from anywhere!
Join the group zoom session every first and third Sunday of the month, 5pm to 6pm Central time, for the full year of 2019. Together we will build a community of people who are working with themselves and each other to bring better self care into their lives. We will move through a self care curriculum beginning with the basics of what I call “Houseplant Self Care”, and then digging deeper into the more advanced and nuanced areas of emotional, logistical, social, environmental, and technological self care.
Worried that you won’t be able to make all the sessions? Never fear – each discussion will be recorded and available to view until the next session rolls around. Additionally, I’ll be emailing you synopses of each session, and sharing pertinent points in the private Facebook group you’ll be a part of. Speaking of which…
BONUS: As a member of Team Self Care 2019, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group of participants for additional support and connection. In addition to being able to connect to your team, I’ll also be regularly posting resources and encouragement.
BONUS BONUS: As a member of Team Self Care 2019, you’ll have access to individual coaching sessions with me for just $50 per session for the entire year of 2019 – whether you want to have one session or weekly sessions.
The investment to be a member of Team Self Care 2019 is $49 per month. Each time a payment processes, you’ll be reminded that you are investing (literally!) in your self care. And because flexibility is a hallmark of good self care, if you find that the group isn’t jiving for you anymore or you can no longer swing it financially, you can cancel at any time.
If you work in social justice or any of the helping and healing professions, you are eligible for team membership at half price! If you work for a social justice nonprofit, spend significant time organizing, work in education, or are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, nurse, doctor, social worker, therapist, or anyone else who spends a lion’s share of their time helping others in some way, MESSAGE ME for a link to your half price package!
So what are we waiting for? To make your first payment and get registered for a full year of self care accountability, click here.

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