New Year, Never The Same Me

New Year, New Me?


And yet, new year, never the same me.  Hmm.

A new year has arrived, and we’ve been busy feeling out its edges and snuggling in.  In reality very little changes when the clock strikes midnight on January 1 – there’s the bit of getting used to writing a different number at the end of your dates, and maybe breaking in a shiny new day planner.  But in our minds, this time of year feels ripe for fresh starts.

For me, I get the double whammy of a new year and a birthday on its tails.  During most years, this has been a time of deep reflection, re-envisioning of life plans and goals, and renewal of every sort.  But this year feels different.  And maybe, just maybe I know why.  Maybe it is because 2018 was a year full of such explosive change and growth that I feel like a new person practically every day.  The fact that it’s a new year, and that I’m a new age, is barely a blip on the radar.

So.  New Year New Me?  Nah.  New year, same old me.  Or rather, same old awesome, striving, learning, growing, developing me.  Unlike in years past, this year I didn’t need the “New Year” to come around for me to have the motivation to set goals and work to reach them – that’s just my everyday experience these days.  And frankly, I’m pretty psyched about it.

Also, none of that is to say that if you are all “New Year, New Me!“, there is a single, solitary thing wrong with that.  In fact, if that’s how you’ve felt for these first few weeks of 2019, fantastic! I’d love to hear about everything you’re building!  Really I just want to holler at anyone who’s not there and say, hey, that’s A-OK too.

So tell me.  How has 2019 been treating you?  Are you all get up and go?  Or has your get up and go done got up and went?  Give me a shout.  I’d love to hear how things are going, however they’re going.  <3


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