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What’s this all about?

You’ve heard of coaching. Your friend has a coach maybe. You think perhaps possibly coaching is right for you, but you have some lingering questions. Let me see if I can answer them.

OK but what IS coaching?

A coach is someone who will push you into places where you are deeply uncomfortable. No really! Change is uncomfortable, and coaching is centered around change.

Coaching is a partnership wherein you enlist the help of a trusted advocate to create change in your life. You’ll work closely with your coach to identify what changes you’d like to make. You’ll then determine the goals that will get you to those changes, and the steps those goals require. But it doesn’t stop there. Your coach will support you every step of the way, encouraging you, helping you push through blocks, holding you accountable to your commitments, and celebrating every success big and small. So you’ll be uncomfortable because you are growing, and you’ll never go it alone.

“Coaching” kind of sounds like bullshit. Is it bullshit?

I don’t think so. But I used to. I also used to think that anyone saying positive things about me was lying, and that no one could ever possibly really be in my corner. That was all fear talking, of course. Any chance you’re saying this because it sounds kind of uncomfortable or scary or impossible to have the support you need? Like something about you and your life might change if you engaged in that kind of partnership? Just asking.

Maybe. Is coaching like therapy?

Nope. Coaching is not therapy, and does not take the place of therapy. But coaching and therapy can support each other. In broad strokes, therapy focuses on past traumas that underlie current behaviors and emotions, and helps patients unpack it all. Therapy may also involve the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. Coaches are present and future focused (rather than past), and don’t treat trauma or mental illness. Coaches can, however, help people implement tools and strategies learned in therapy, and help them stay accountable to goals set in therapy. In short, if you need therapy, coaching does not and cannot take its place. But many people benefit from having both.

Gotcha. So… couldn’t I just do this with a friend?

Sure! I mean, that is – do you have a friend who will devote 75 minutes of their undivided attention to you on a regular basis? Who is 100% in your corner 100% of the time and is never worried about their own needs or agenda? Who never needs to talk about their own problems and goals? Who has intentionally developed tools to help you realize your full potential, and wants nothing more from your relationship than to see that potential realized? Nope, me neither. (And honestly how weird would that be?) That’s why I have a coach.

Cool, cool. What makes you special? Why should YOU be my coach?

To put it bluntly: I’ve been through some shit. I’ve done the work of finding home, of learning to love myself and my body, of making seemingly impossible decisions around boundaries and self care, of blowing up a life that feels “stable” to build one that is joyful. I know, firsthand, how hard it all feels and how necessary it all is. I promise that I will be real with you even when you don’t want to hear it. Also I’m pretty funny.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation and let’s find out if we’re right for each other. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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