New Year, Never The Same Me

New Year, New Me? Nah. And yet, new year, never the same me.  Hmm. A new year has arrived, and we’ve been busy feeling out its edges and snuggling in.  In reality very little changes when the clock strikes midnight on January 1 – there’s the bit of getting used to writing a different number […]

Melissa’s Self Care Story

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You know that your needs matter and that you deserve your own care.  Also though, that doesn’t always happen––actually between work and friends and family and all of your other obligations, your own care tends to get back-burnered more often than not.  You feel worn down most of the […]

Team Self Care 2019!

Get on the Team! Be part of a dedicated self care team – Team Self Care 2019 – and make 2019 the year you nail down your self care. This year-long learning opportunity is online – join us from anywhere!   Join the group zoom session every first and third Sunday of the month, 5pm […]

Let’s Talk About Self Care

Question: what is self care? This question might sound silly to you.  It’s so basic. Of course everyone knows what self care is.  But do we? According to Suzy Reading, psychologist and author of The Self-Care Solution, self care can be defined as “any life-giving activity that restores, sustains or improves your health.”  Pretty simple, […]

Hey Hanuman, it’s Jambavan

Long ago in a galaxy far away, or just recently and right over there, there lived a pesky little monkey named Hanuman. Apart from being a young monkey, who are all pesky enough as it is, Hanuman was also the son of the Queen of the Monkeys and the God of the Wind. So he […]

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