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What people are saying:

“Words cannot describe how many ways coaching has changed me – both in small adjustments to my daily schedule, and through significant paradigm shifts in my own understanding of myself. It’s been a joy to have such a compassionate, enthusiastic coach by my side throughout this process. I know I’m a better person for all of the work Melissa has coached me through, and know I’ll be back for more coaching in the future!”

-Jessica Auger, Educational Program Manager


“Melissa was great at getting me to think about personal and professional issues in more productive ways, and great at getting me to come up with my own solutions after exploring the issue together. She helped me help myself put all my anxieties and insecurities in perspective. I am now more able to cope with stress and feel more confident in my abilities.”

-Jessi, Development Coordinator

Let’s do this.

You know you deserve your own care.

You’re ready to do the work.

You want support and accountability.

Ready to dive in to coaching?

The first step is to schedule an exploratory call with me.  We’ll start to get to know each other, discuss what goals you’d like to work toward and what kinds of support best suit you, and figure out how we can most effectively work together.  You will not be subjected to high-pressure sales tactics – it’s just not my style.

Use the button below to schedule. I’m here.  I’m ready.  And I can’t wait to work with you.




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